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Covid-19 Restrictions Status: 

GirlyGlam is open for bookings with extra precautions in place

GirlyGlam Makeup Artistry​

​Frequently Asked Questions...

How soon can I book GirlyGlam for my Wedding Day?

  • I recommend getting in touch with all your chosen wedding day suppliers as soon as possible as the most popular dates (Saturdays in June, July & August and all Bank Holiday weekends) tend to get booked up very quickly. 
    I am currently taking bookings up to the end of 2023. The 2024 diary will open in January 2023. 

How can I book GirlyGlam for my Wedding Day?

  • Use the Get in Touch facility on the website giving me as much detail as possible about your special day, including your date, your ceremony time, your venue (or where you will be getting ready) and the services you require - Makeup and/or Hair.
    Its also a really good idea to let me know if anyone has above shoulder length hair as this may make a difference to your quotation.
  • I will confirm my availability within 24-48* hours via the email address you will be asked to provide and, as long as you have provided all of the information I have requested, a quotation for my services and any applicable travel fees will be attached to that email along with a copy of my Terms and Conditions.
    Everything you will need to secure your booking including how to pay your Booking Fee will be contained within the email.
  • Once you have paid your booking fee, I will confirm your booking is secure within 24-48* hours of receipt.
    If your Wedding Day is within the next 3 months, I will send you some suggested dates for your Wedding Day Preview Appointment to take place 3-6 weeks prior. These take place on Tuesdays until 7pm in summer or 3pm in winter, Thursdays until 3pm and Fridays until 1pm.
    If your Wedding Day is more than 3 months away, I will be in touch with you around 3 months before with some suggested dates for your Preview Appointment to take place within the recommended window.

Can I book you via Facebook or Instagram?

  • Please use only this website and my email address [email protected] to make your booking arrangements. This ensures I have all the information I need for your booking in one place and makes it much less likely that any of your instructions will be missed. 

Is it possible to arrange a Preview appointment in advance of booking you for my Wedding Day?

  • It is certainly possible to book a pre-booking preview. In this instance, you would need to arrange for the Preview element of your booking to take place as soon as possible. This is because I am unable to hold wedding dates beyond a 2 week period without a booking fee, so you would run the risk of losing your date if you waited longer than this. 
    The Preview element fees are £50 for makeup or hair or £100 for makeup and hair. 
    After your Preview and assuming you are happy to proceed, you would then need to pay your booking fee promptly to secure your Wedding Day services. 

I have a few people on my booking OR I cant get into my venue until 10am. Will you be able to fit us all in?

  • Subject to availability, I can provide another wonderful artist if time constraints mean there is not enough time for me to get everyone ready or if the venue has access time constraints. Travel expenses may be payable for her. 
  • Please let me know in your initial enquiry if your venue has restricted access times and you are NOT staying there the night before. Sometimes venues with restricted access times will suggest you start getting ready elsewhere and move into the prep area once this is available. Your booking with GirlyGlam includes prep at ONE location. If you will need me/ us to work at more than one location on the morning of your wedding, this must be arranged at outset and a £45 surcharge per artist will be applied to your booking to reflect the additional time it takes to facilitate moves mid morning.

After I have paid the Booking Fee, when does the remaining balance become due?

  • The Preview element of your booking is due at your Preview appointment. Currently, the Preview element for Makeup or Hair is £50 or for Makeup and Hair, its £100. 
  • The balance of your booking is payable no later than 14 days prior to your wedding date. 

What happens at my Bridal Makeup &/or Hair Preview appointment?

  • A few days before your Preview appointment is due to take place, I will send you a reminder email confirming all the details for your appointment including any applicable Covid secure protocols and details of payment due.
    You will also receive a separate medical consent form from a 3rd party company called Faces Consent; a completely safe, GDPR compliant platform.  This is also a good opportunity for you to send me any inspo images you may have been collecting 
  • On the day of your appointment, you really want to be setting aside a good 2 hours for a Makeup or Hair Preview or up to 4 hours for a Makeup & Hair Preview. It's not unusual for your Preview to take longer than it would on the day and the last thing a Preview should be is rushed! 
  • Once you are happy with your chosen look, I will take some pictures as reference and after you leave, I will document everything I did and products used etc to refer to on your Wedding Day.

Can I bring my mum/ sister/ best friend to my Preview appointment?

  • Under normal circumstances, you would absolutely be able to bring one* guest with you to your Preview (*This is due to the size of my studio space). Currently however and due to the ongoing fluctuation in Covid cases, no guests are currently permitted meaning you would have to come to your appointment alone. 
Do you notify me once the balance of my booking becomes due?

  • Yes. Around 3 weeks before your wedding Day, if I've not already heard from you, I will send you an email with your payment details attached.

What happens after the balance of my wedding has been paid?

  • Around 10-14 days before your wedding, as long as your balance has been paid, you will receive an email from me containing all the information you will need for your Wedding Day booking including confirmation of my arrival time and a time schedule so that everyone knows where they are to be & when to contribute to the smooth running of your wedding morning.
    You (and each member of your booking if applicable) will also receive a Medical/ Covid-19 Questionnaire via email which must be completed prior to your wedding day. 

How long does it take on the day and do I go first or last?

  • I allow approximately 1 hour for Makeup or Hair for a Bride and about 45 minutes to an hour for each of your bridesmaids; or 2 hours and
    1 and a 3/4 hours respectively for Makeup and Hair. 
  • As the bride, you are neither first or last, not first to ensure your makeup and hair can be as fresh as possible and not last so that you have plenty of time for your dress and final flourishes. If a particular member of your party has a key role in getting you ready - doing up your dress for example, let me know in advance so I can strategically place her in the running order.
  • I always build time into your schedule for finishing touches. 

What if I had to cancel my booking for non Covid-19 related reasons?

Any Other Questions? 

Ask me a question!